The answers to our frequently asked questions

What is the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning?

Standard Cleaning

-          Kitchen;

Cleaning the Sink, Worktops, Wiping down appliances (Outside only) and hoovering/Mopping floors.

-          Living Room;

Dusting surfaces, cleaning tables, hoovering the floors and mopping.

-          Bathroom;

Cleaning Bath/ Shower limescale, Sink, Toilet, Mirrors and Floors.

-          Bedroom;

Dusting bedside tables and shelves. Cleaning Mirrors, hoovering floors and mopping hard floors.

Deep Cleaning

-          Kitchen;

All the above plus;

Moving appliances to clean behind each one, cleaning inside appliances (May be subject to an extra fee) Inside windows, Door handles, wiping down walls, cleaning inside kitchen cupboards, moving fridge out of the way to hoover any crumbs that may have fallen, dusting all skirting boards.

Living Room;

All the above plus;

Moving sofas and hoovering behind and underneath, moving cushions and hoovering at the sides and in between the sofas. Moving tv table to dust around all cables. Wiping down each photo frame, skirting board and walls. Cleaning all door handles and frames.

-          Bathrooms

All the above plus;

Products left for 15 minutes each to work their very best. Tiles scrubbed to remove excess dirt or limescale accumulation. Windows cleaned inside, door handles, door frames and walls wiped down. Storage moved to clean behind any build up of dust. Lights wiped down.

-          Bedrooms

All the above plus;

Moving the bed to gain access behind the bed to allow us to hoover, wipe dirt and mop. Clean skirting boards and cobwebs. Clean inside windows, door handles, frames and wardrobes. Wipe down lights.

So now you know the difference, which type of cleaning do you really require? Please be sure of your choice as it will save us having to explain the many differences.

Can you change my bedding?

This depends, bedding will only be changed once everything else has been completed. Changing your bedding is not a priority for our cleaners therefore unless specifically stated your cleaner will not change your bedding. This is not a part of our standard cleaning and therefore we kindly ask that you do not expect your cleaner to have changed your bedding, certainly not every week. Time is limited and hours really are worked out to complete the necessities.

Is oven cleaning, fridge cleaning and indoor windows charged extra?

Yes, appliance cleaning is charged slightly extra. Window cleaning can be included in your hourly rate if you ask your cleaner to focus on the windows and give something else a miss or why not ask your cleaner to stay an extra hour and clean the windows. 

How much notice should my cleaner give me before ending our cleaning agreement?

Two weeks’ notice is required from both parties please. We kindly ask our clients to be considerate about the personal circumstances of others. You have the right to end your agreement as long as the appropriate notice is give. 

Any problems get in touch.

Where do your cleaners come from?

We have had some very funny requests, some very specific requests about the ethnicity of our staff and whom they wish to clean for them. This is not a dating site ladies and gentlemen we cannot find you your perfect candidate based on their appearance. We employ incredibly hard-working people that are fabulous at what they do. We simply will not discriminate against our staff for any potential client. We cannot provide you with an Indian cleaner because you have had a bad experience with an African cleaner. We believe in equality for all. If there is an issue with a cleaner, it will never be because of their ethnicity and we cannot take any clients whom make such requests. All our cleaners are UK citizens.  Please be kind, always.

Can you complete an end of tenancy clean under short notice?

Absolutely, if we have availability, we are happy to take on short notice end of tenancy cleaning. We kindly ask that you provide us with as much information about the property as possible.

What we need to know;

-          Type of property- Furnished or Unfurnished

-          Number of bedrooms

-          Number of bathrooms

-          Overall state of the property

-          If you need an oven/ washing machine or fridge clean. (Please send photos)

All our end of tenancy cleaning includes the following;

-          Hoover

-          Mop

-          Eco-friendly products

-          Sponges and cloths

-          Specialist products for washing machine and oven cleaning

-          Cobweb brush

-          Bin bags

-          Minimum of two cleaners

-          Invoices

-          Detailed service request (An email with a detailed explanation of exactly what has been done to the property.)

-          Photographs of before and after for your reference

-          48-hour satisfaction guarantee (Notice anything wrong within 48 hours and we will happily come out to you free of charge. We request estate agents view the property asap, after cleaning has commenced to see the standard at its very best.)

Do you provide a fixed price for end of tenancy cleaning?

We do not currently offer a fixed price for our end of tenancy cleaning (Prices start from a minimum of £75 and we do have some guidelines for our prices), and this is due to several factors.

  •   All properties are of different sizes

  •  Locations of 30+ Miles from us may incur a slight charge due to long distance

  • The state of one property may be good and another me be very bad

  • Oven cleaning, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge cleaning is not required by all whom require an end of tenancy therefore would be unreasonable to quote two different requests for the exact same price

  • Furnished properties will always be quoted higher as this multiplies the amount of work required to complete the job

  •  Lastly, we want to work with our potential clients and their budgets. We appreciate that this type of cleaning is not exactly cheap but at the same time the level of work required is significantly greater than regular domestic cleaning.

  • The price you are quoted will never increase. Prices are not quoted on an hourly rate; they are quoted through an assessment of the property and the work required.

 As a small business our goal is to build a large portfolio of end of tenancy cleaning and so we appreciate all those that have allowed us to grow that portfolio by trusting us with their professional cleaning request.